JOUR 488. Laboratory in Media Production. 1-3 Hours.

This course offers students an opportunity to work with multiple media-studio and live production. This is a lab-intensive course designed with live newsroom and/or live in-the-field productions. Students will serve as producers/anchors and directors for programing at KUJH, Media Crossroads and other media. No student may earn more than four hours total in JOUR 506, JOUR 507, and/or JOUR 508, and no student may earn more than nine hours combined for course work in JOUR 210, JOUR 488, JOUR 507, and JOUR 508. Excess hours of practicum will add hours to the total number of hours needed to meet graduation requirements. Limit of three hours enrollment in JOUR 488 in a student's total course work. Prerequisite: JOUR 210 or instructor permission. LAB.