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LA&S 108 Personal Numeracy

LAS 108.  Personal Numeracy.  3 Credits.   NM   

This course will provide the tools to help you understand and make decisions using data. You will learn the basics of human decision making and why relying on numerical data is an important component of good decisions. The class will also help you understand the basics of probability and statistics. This will include fundamental statistical concepts used in everyday decision-making as well as training to perform statistical tests. The class will conclude with applications of numeracy to make sound personal financial decisions regarding spending and borrowing and saving and investing. Throughout the course, you will learn to use Excel to perform calculations, analyze data and spending habits and develop a personal budget.

Bachelor of Social Work

...including: Math 101 (College Algebra) or LA&S 108 (Personal Numeracy) English 101 (Composition) English...

Bachelor of Science in Education

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