LAA 710. Research Design for International Area Studies. 3 Hours.

This course addresses the challenges for students engaged in graduate research projects and theses in an interdisciplinary and international context. The course will guide the students through the structures of research design processes for various epistemological approaches, and will assist students in formulating strong research questions, reviewing and situating their own work within the literature, working with the library and subject librarians, appropriating theory, and modeling writing conventions for research within their selected epistemological community. Students will also be exposed to a variety of research methods and will practice designing projects utilizing a select number of them. During the course of the semester, students will be working toward a plan for a substantial graduate research project. (Same as CEAS 710 and LAA 710.) Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. LEC.

Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

...Design: Research Design in International Area Studies ( LAA 710 ) 3 hrs Area Content: 7-8...