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LAC 332 Language and Society in Latin America

LAC 332.  Language and Society in Latin America.  3 Credits.   W   

This course examines the diversity of languages and cultures that make up Latin America and the Caribbean, including the influence of colonial Spanish and Portuguese as well as the many Indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, and Creole languages and cultures that can be found in Latin America. Attention is paid to the multifaceted relations between language and ethnic group, as well as to dynamics of gender and social class within Latin American cultures. This course is offered at the 300 and 600 level with additional assignments at the 600 level. Not open to students with credit in LAC 632.

Minor in Latino/a Studies

...Area Studies:_____ (The Latin American Left) LAC 332 Language and Society in Latin America...

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies

...level or above (this can include LAC 300, 310, 332, or 334). Upper-Division Interdisciplinary...