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LAC 558 Ancient American Civilizations: The Central Andes

LAC 558.  Ancient American Civilizations: The Central Andes.  3 Credits.   W   

An archaeological survey of the ancient peoples of Peru and neighboring countries in South America. The origins of complex societies on the coast and in the Andean highlands will be reviewed with special consideration of the role of "vertical" environments in the development of Andean social and economic systems. Cultures such as Chavin, Moche, Nazca, Huari, Tiahuanaco, Chimu, and the rise of the imperial Inca state will be examined through artifacts, architectural remains, and ethnohistoric documents. (Same as ANTH 508 and HIST 572.) Prerequisite: A course in Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Art History, Museum Studies, History, or Indigenous Studies, or permission of instructor.