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LAC 559 Ancient Central America

LAC 559.  Ancient Central America.  3 Credits.   NW S   

This course will examine the Precolumbian cultures of the region situated between Mesoamerica to the north and the Central Andes to the south, focusing principally on the countries of Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. Once regarded as an "Intermediate Area" on the peripheries of the ancient civilizations to the north and south, the area of southern Central America and northern South America is now recognized as a center of innovation from very remote times up until the Spanish Conquest. The archaeological remains of stone tools, pottery, jade carvings, gold and copper ornaments, and a wide variety of structures will be interpreted within the context of information on subsistence, settlement patterns, social organization and religious ideology. Issues of the relationships with populations of regions in major culture areas to the north and south will also be considered in detail. (Same as ANTH 509.) Prerequisite: ANTH 110 or ANTH 115.