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LING 106 Introductory Linguistics

LING 106.  Introductory Linguistics.  3 Credits.   SC S   

Introduction to the fundamentals of linguistics, with emphasis on the description of the sound system, grammatical structure and semantic structure of languages. The course will include a survey of language in culture and society, language change, computational linguistics and psycholinguistics, and will introduce students to techniques of linguistic analysis in a variety of languages including English. (Same as ANTH 106).

Minor in Linguistics

Because language is a window into the mind. Linguistics provides an understanding of the human capacity to acquire, perceive, and produce language and of language’s role in contemporary society.

Bachelor of Science in Education

...Arts & Humanities) 3 LING 106 Introductory Linguistics ( C&T 100 and LING 106 fulfill KU...