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LING 110 Language and Mind

LING 110.  Language and Mind.  3 Credits.   SI S   

A study of the relation between language and the human mind, focusing on language as a fundamental aspect of human cognition. Topics include what is innate and what is learned during first and second language acquisition, how we process language, how animals communicate, how language may influence our thoughts, and whether there are areas of the brain specialized for language. Through a range of activities including in-class discussions, hands-on exercises, and linguistic experiments, you will develop your ability to critically evaluate claims about the mind and language and to use evidence from a variety of languages to discover how language is acquired, used, and organized in the human brain.

Minor in Linguistics

The department offers a broad range of courses that provide a basic understanding of human language and communication. Linguistics courses examine features of language that underlie the human capacity to express concepts and communicate ideas. The courses address the connections between language, brain, culture, mind, and history. A minor in Linguistics gives students a basic understanding of the human capacity to acquire, perceive, and produce language and of language’s role in contemporary society.

Bachelor of Science in Education

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Minor in Leadership Studies

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