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LING 312 Phonology I

LING 312.  Phonology I.  3 Credits.   S   

This course focuses on crucial phonological concepts such as contrast, alternation, neutralization, distinctive features, and the syllable. It also provides students with basic skills for phonological analysis, including the selection of underlying representations, rule notation, rule ordering, identifying phonological universals, and how to make an informed decision when multiple analyses are viable. In addition, it discusses the external motivations for phonological grammar and relates phonology to other disciplines in linguistics such as language acquisition and psycholinguistics. Not open to students who have taken LING 712. Prerequisite: LING 305.

Minor in Linguistics

Because language is a window into the mind. Linguistics provides an understanding of the human capacity to acquire, perceive, and produce language and of language’s role in contemporary society.

Bachelor of Science in Education

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