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LING 514. Phonology II. 3 Hours AE61 / S.

This course discusses the problems in rule-based phonology that led to the development of Optimality Theory. Discussions of Optimality Theory include its basis architecture, the nature of markedness constraints, the role of phonetics in the theory, correspondence between different levels of representation, and how variants of the theory can model free and lexical variation. A selection of the following topics will also be included depending on class interest: interface between phonology and morphology, syntax, and the lexicon, reduplication, loanword phonology, biases in phonological learning, stress, and tone. The course has a particular focus on theory-building, with discussions on the how to lay out the predictions of a theoretical proposal, and how phonological predictions can be tested using experimental methods. Not open to students who have taken LING 714. Prerequisite: LING 312 or instructor consent. LEC.