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MATH 605 Applied Regression Analysis

MATH 605.  Applied Regression Analysis.  3 Credits.   N   

This course provides an introduction to regression analysis and statistical learning with an emphasis on mathematical understanding and its software implementation. Programming uses Python, R, or Julia. Covered topics include the following. Linear regression: parameter estimation, confidence ellipsoids and prediction intervals, hypothesis tests. Classification: logistic regression, linear discriminant analysis. Basis expansion: polynomial regression, regression splines. Resampling methods: cross-validation, bootstrap. Shrinkage methods. Model selection: information criteria, forward and backward selection, lasso. Decision trees and random forests: bagging, boosting. Prerequisite: MATH 290 or MATH 291, and MATH 526 or MATH 628.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics offers more extensive training in mathematics and its applications than is possible in the B.A. curriculum. The requirements for the B.S. in Mathematics allow a great deal of flexibility in choice of courses and concentrations. Students should plan their programs carefully to meet individual interests and goals, and carefully check the prerequisites for all courses in their programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics offers in depth training in mathematics. A B.A. degree in mathematics at KU allows you to focus on the mathematics that is most relevant and interesting to you. A total of 120 hours is required to graduate with a B.A. in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The requirements for all students earning a B.A. in the College include the KU Core Curriculum , a laboratory or field experience, and proficiency in a language other than English.

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science

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Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience

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Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology

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Doctor of Pharmacy

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