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ME 643 Design Project Option C

ME 643.  Design Project Option C.  2 Credits.     

Design and development of a mechanical system related to biomechanics that has been investigated in ME 633 - Basic Tissue Mechanics and Biodynamics. A report that includes designs, analysis/testing, drawings and/or schematics is required. Establishment of specifications and consideration of realistic constraints such as safety, ergonomics, economic factors, design impact, aesthetics, and reliability are required. Prerequisite: ME 633 and ME 640. Corequisite: ME 455.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The 128-hour bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, . Students typically take four years to complete the program. The mechanical engineering curriculum builds on the basic foundation of mathematics and physical sciences learned in the first three semesters, and then focuses on engineering design and analysis in mechanical, thermal, fluids, and energy systems. First-year students are quickly immersed in hands-on design/build team projects as part of the cornerstone mechanical engineering courses. Engineering science, analysis, and design are integrated throughout the curriculum, culminating in a senior capstone design project where students complete a year-long hands-on design and build experience in one of three areas:

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

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School of Engineering Minor in Biomedical Engineering

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Undergraduate Certificate in Bioengineering

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