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MGMT 470 Leadership in Business Organizations

MGMT 470.  Leadership in Business Organizations.  3 Credits.     

This course provides an introduction to business leadership. Students will learn the major frameworks and perspectives for understanding and developing organizational leaders. Students will also develop an understanding of the skills and behaviors demonstrated by effective business leaders; these include establishing direction, aligning others behind that direction, motivating and inspiring, and generally promoting organizational change and transformation. Class pedagogy will emphasize methods that will allow students to recognize and develop their own leadership capabilities. A key goal will be establishing a leadership development mindset that will drive students' future personal and professional development efforts. Prerequisite: MGMT 310 or MGMT 311. Enrollment restricted.

BA in Applied Behavioral Science, concentration in Organizational Behavior Mgmt. Research & Practice

Below is a sample 4-year plan for students pursuing the BA in Applied Behavioral Science with a concentration in Organizational Behavior Management Research. To view the list of courses approved to fulfill KU Core Goals, please visit the KU Core website .

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