MGMT 472. Project Management. 3 Hours.

The purpose of this course is to examine business from a project management perspective, to develop a systems view of business rather than a functional view and to lay the foundation for future leaders to more effectively integrate project management into their business strategy. Further, to establish a common language for and a common knowledge of project management concepts, principles and practices. This course is intended to help students gain an understanding of what project management involves, how it relates to other functional management areas, and its role in an organization's structure and leadership. This course is made up of topical lectures, article/video analysis, open discussion, in-class experiential exercises and a team-based outside class project. In order to foster good project management habits, topics will be covered in the order they appear in the project lifecycle starting with project selection and bidding and ending with project acceptance and close out. Topics covered in this course include: the importance and role of project management, the contextual nature of projects, logistics issues in project management, and the E-business impact on project management. Not open to students enrolled in or with credit in BSAN 410 or IST 410. Prerequisite: MGMT 310 or MGMT 311 and SCM 310 or SCM 311 or permission of the instructor. Enrollment restricted. LEC.