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MKTG 305 Survey of Marketing

MKTG 305.  Survey of Marketing.  3 Credits.     

This course introduces the student to marketing from the perspective of the business firm. Topics included are the marketing system, consumer and industrial behavior, market segmentation and positioning, product policy, channels of distribution, pricing strategy, sales management, and marketing communications. (Not open to students with credit in BBA 304, MKTG 310 or MKTG 311.) Prerequisite: Goal 1, Outcome 2 and Goal 2, Outcome 1.

Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Selling

...MKTG 315/MKTG 425: SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT (Prerequisites: for MKTG 315 - MKTG 305 or MKTG...

Minor in Business

...Management, Honors MKTG 305 Survey of Marketing 3 or MKTG 310 Marketing or MKTG 311...