MKTG 465. Customer Relationship Management. 3 Hours.

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the strategy and tactics of customer relationship management (CRM). Particular emphasis is given toward identifying the key strategic principles inherent in the customer-centric focus that underlies a successful CRM program. Topics include: Fundamentals of CRM strategy, marketing metrics, customer profitability analysis, choice modeling, techniques for evaluating model performance and applications of CRM to marketing campaign management. Students will be instructed on how to implement the CRM techniques using various software tools and real-world data. (Same as SCM 425.) Not open to students with credit in BSAN 465 or MKTG 465 or SCM 425 or MKTG 400 - Customer Relationship Management. Prerequisite: MKTG 310 or MKTG 311 and SCM 310 or SCM 311. Enrollment restricted. LEC.

Minor in Leadership Studies

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