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MUSC 940 Seminar on Selected Topics in Musicology: _____

MUSC 940.  Seminar on Selected Topics in Musicology: _____.  3 Credits.     

Each semester a topic (to be inserted in the blank) will be the basis for discussion, reports, and a research paper. May be repeated for credit provided no course duplication takes place.

Master of Music in Musicology

Master of Music in Musicology Degree Program The Master of Music (M.M.) degree in musicology requires a minimum of 30 credits and is designed to further the student’s knowledge and indepth exploration of musicology (music history) at the post-baccalaureate level.

Doctor of Philosophy in Music

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in music is offered in musicology and music theory. The applicant is expected to hold a Master of Music degree with emphasis in musicology or music theory from KU or an equivalent master’s degree from another accredited institution. In addition to the required transcripts and letters of recommendation, the applicant for admission to the Ph.D. program should submit a resume or CV of professional training and experience and samples of original scholarly writing.