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MUSE 704 Introduction to Collections Management and Utilization

MUSE 704.  Introduction to Collections Management and Utilization.  3 Credits.     

This course examines the roles collections play in fulfilling a museum's mission; the obligations ownership/preservation of collections materials create for a museum; and the policies, practices, and professional standards that museums are required to put in place. The course will cover utilization of collections for research, education, and public engagement; address how that utilization informs the need for and structure of collections policies, and introduce the basic practices of professional collections management. (Same as ANTH 798, AMS 730, ANTH 798, BIOL 798, GEOL 785, and HIST 725.) Prerequisite: Museum Studies student, Indigenous Studies student, or consent of instructor.

Master of Arts in Museum Studies

The 36-hour Museum Studies M.A. curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of the discipline, opportunities for mastering core components of museum practice, avenues for exploring the interdisciplinary nature of museums, grounding in current issues facing them, and possibilities for research to develop new and innovative approaches in the field. Students also complete 500 total museum experience hours while in the program.