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MUSE 802. Culture of Museums. 3 Hours.

Culture of Museums is the second of a 2-semester course sequence, and highlights classic texts and current directions in museum studies. It is organized around the core conceptual domains of museums - Materiality, Representation, and Engagement. The course establishes the framework for understanding changes on the horizon for museums, and enables students to be familiar with classic texts in the field. Museums of art, history, natural history, are included, as well as museums large and small. Each week the class will read assigned articles or chapters and will be prepared to discuss and analyze the assignment. In addition, each week there will be several monographs assigned that elaborate and inform the topic. One student will take responsibility for each work and will lead discussion concerning the material. The student will familiarize themselves with the work, and should meet with the instructor before class to structure their presentation. In class, the student will lead discussion and emphasize key elements in the work. SEM.

Master of Arts in Museum Studies

The KU master’s degree in Museum Studies is a 36-credit-hour program built around 3 fundamental components –  Foundational  courses and experiences,  Conceptual  inquiry and application, and  Professional  specialization and expertise. Students who earn the M.A. in Museum Studies will have acquired mastery of the professional and conceptual dimensions of museums in the broadest sense, while also developing the specialized skills necessary for success in the field.