NRSG 827. Advanced Concepts Public Health Nursing. 2 Hours.

Public health is addressed in terms of common values and interests as well as particular client populations (vulnerable and at risk groups) across the lifespan. Health promotion and disease prevention for whole communities and selected vulnerable and at risk aggregates are emphasized. Ethical and social justice concerns as well as public policy and legislative issues in population-focused health care are discussed. Selected models, concepts, theories, and research in public health provide the framework for identifying, exploring, prioritizing and planning interventions for public health concerns. Ultimately, a grant proposal is developed to support the action plan. Prerequisite: Corequisite: NRSG 754, NRSG 755, NRSG 809, NRSG 820, NRSG 880, NRSG 885, PRVM 800. Prerequisite/Corequisite: NRSG 808, NRSG 826 PRVM 830. Corequisite: NRSG 828, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

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