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NRSG 873 Teaching with Technologies

NRSG 873.  Teaching with Technologies.  3 Credits.     

Theories and trends that support the use of merging and emerging technologies for the enhancement of teaching and learning in the health professions are explored. The focus is on assisting educators to gain skills in choosing appropriate instructional technologies to enhance learning. Learning variables, including the environment context, interprofessional education, finance, policy, and the influence of those variables on technologies are examined. The evaluation and impact of current technology on the delivery of education are examined along with strategies for considering/anticipating future technologies to meet educational needs. Prerequisite: NRSG 748, NRSG 754 or Consent of Instructor.

Health Professions Educator Certificate

The Health Professions Educator Graduate Certificate (12 credit hours) is an interprofessional program that affords broad opportunities and necessary skills to develop healthcare education expertise in various roles within academic and clinical settings. Students complete applied teaching projects in each educator course, including a final student teaching capstone.

Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science

...for REHS 870 , REHS 873 and REHS 980...Graduate Research 1-10 NRSG 870 Designing a...