NRSG 881. Applied Budgeting and Finance. 3 Hours.

Leaders apply basic principles associated with program, project and service-line fiscal management, price setting, budget preparation, cost-benefit/break-even analysis, managed-care contracting, and interpreting financial ratios while concurrently acquiring a financial vocabulary to communicate with various stakeholders. Financial reports such as balance sheets, budget forms and expense reports are studied and formulated related to government agencies, small clinical operations, grant-funded projects, and start-up programs. Staffing models and the staffing-quality equation are analyzed for the purpose of projecting human resource requirements. Prerequisite: NRSG 880, HPM 822, or Consent of Instructor. LEC.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

...Economics , NRSG 881 Applied Budgeting and Finance , NRSG 882 Introduction to Operations or NRSG 883...