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NRSG 888 Clinical Specialty Practicum for Nurse Educators

NRSG 888.  Clinical Specialty Practicum for Nurse Educators.  1-3 Credits.     

The Master of Science, Nursing Education Specialty prepares educators with direct care expertise in a specific clinical area of practice. Students will identify a practice area and complete a practicum with sustained clinical experiences designed to strengthen patient care delivery skills at the master's level. Direct care is defined as nursing care provided to individuals or families that is intended to achieve specific health goals or health outcomes. The course is collaboratively designed by the student and a faculty facilitator who has expertise in the clinical practice area desired by the student. The practicum may be completed in a wide range of settings such as acute and critical care, long term care, home health, community-based settings, etc. and prepares the student for advanced nursing practice care. Prerequisite: NRSG 755, NRSG 801, NRSG 812, NRSG 813, NRSG 870, and NRSG 880 or consent of instructor.