NRSG 919. Foundations for Leading and Communicating in Organizations. 3 Hours.

Theoretical foundations in organizational decision making and communication will enhance students' development of expertise in assessing organizations, identifying systems issues, and facilitating organization- and system-wide improvements in healthcare. Traditional approaches to organizing and communicating are contrasted with emerging approaches that promote sensitivity to diverse organizational cultures and populations. Through examination of theoretical perspectives, the student will develop an ability to integrate the contributions of different points of view and ways of thinking crucial to accurately assess, design and lead high performing healthcare organizations in a dynamic world. Prerequisite: NRSG 829 or 833 or 856 or 886 (Practicum respective to specialty) and NRSG 941, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

...for Leading Change , NRSG 885 Evaluation and Analysis for Healthcare Effectiveness , NRSG 919 Foundations for...