NRSG 921. Primary Care of Women Across the Lifespan. 2 Hours.

The knowledge and skills necessary to promote health, prevent illness, and manage the primary care needs of women across the lifespan will be provided. Theory- and research-based therapeutic management of acute, episodic and chronic conditions that occur in women across the lifespan will be explored. Professional values including standards of practice, cultural, legal and ethical issues and professional roles will be addressed. The health care delivery system will be analyzed for cost effectiveness and sensitivity to women. Prerequisite: NRSG 801, NRSG 809, NRSG 812, NRSG 813, NRSG 841, or Consent of Instructor. LEC.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

...Lifespan Practicum , NRSG 928 Nurse-Midwifery Integration Practicum , NRSG 841 Reproductive Endocrinology , NRSG 921 Primary...