NRSG 922. Care of Women in the Antepartal Period. 3 Hours.

Care during the antepartal period in healthy pregnant women is presented and analyzed. Strategies focusing on risk reduction and early identification of deviation from normal during pregnancy are examined. Biopsychosocial and cultural aspects of pregnancy within the family structure are presented. Concepts of research, ethics, legal and political issues, nutrition, genetics, pharmacotherapeutics, health promotion, and selected deviations from normal are included. Prerequisite: NRSG 801, NRSG 809, NRSG 812, NRSG 813, NRSG 921, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

...NRSG 841 Reproductive Endocrinology , NRSG 921 Primary Care of Women Across the Lifespan , NRSG 922...