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NURO 799 Neuroscience Seminar Series

NURO 799.  Neuroscience Seminar Series.  2 Credits.     

Presentations of research papers by faculty, post-doctoral research associates, and graduate students. All graduate students in the Neuroscience program participate in this seminar series throughout their period of training. Each student has to present a seminar once every semester. Presentations by students are evaluated by other graduate students and faculty at the end of each seminar. (Same as NEUS 799.) Prerequisite: Graduate standing in the Neuroscience program.

Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences

The KU-L/KUMC bicampus Neuroscience Graduate Program  is designed to prepare the student for a research and/or teaching career with concentrations in neuroscience. The program emphasizes research and the skills and knowledge required to perform and communicate the results of research. Modern neuroscience researchers/educators must be versed in several areas of neurobiology research, spanning from molecular neuroscience to systems neuroscience. As such, the course of study in the program is broadly based; you are encouraged to enroll in courses offered by other programs or departments. The research opportunities in the program are widely varied and will accommodate many interests.

Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences

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