NURS 375. Nursing of Children. 3 Hours.

Acute and chronic alterations in physiological and psychological functioning of the child and family are introduced. Emphasis is placed on changes within the internal and external environments which relate to the child's acute and chronic illness experience. Therapeutic nursing interventions are explored in the context of research findings, holistic perspectives and outcome measures as related to the dynamics of system balance, growth and development, health promotion and client system values. The role of the nurse in an evolving health care system of managed care is examined. Holistic and caring approaches to human functioning are explored. Legal, ethical, cultural, economic and social principles which affect decision-making, interdisciplinary collaboration and outcomes of care are identified. Prerequisite: Level I courses. Prerequisites or corequisites: NURS 302, NURS 322, NURS 325, or consent of instructor. Corequisite: NURS 376. LEC.

Minor in Leadership Studies

...Decision Making in Business NURS 334 Professional Development...Issues in Medicine PHIL 375 Moral Issues in...