NURS 473. Professional Development III: Navigating the Profession. 2 Hours.

Contemporary issues confronting the nursing profession are discussed and methods to advocate for persons and the profession are investigated. The dynamic and ever present evolution of healthcare will be explored. Professional skills, such as job interviewing, portfolio development, and examination of advanced roles in nursing, will be emphasized. Prerequisite: NURS 327, NURS 328, NURS 329, NURS 330, NURS 331, NURs 332, NURS 333, NURS 335, NURS 336, NURS 337, NURS 338, NURS 339, or Consent of Instructor. Corequisite: NURS 471, NURS 472, NURS 474, NURS 475, or Consent of Instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

...Leader 4 NURS 472 Evidence-Based Practice: Translating Research to Practice 2 NURS 473 Professional...