NURS 478. Integration Seminar. 1 Hour.

The seminar provides students with an opportunity to apply concepts discussed in the classroom with observations from the clinical setting to enhance knowledge of how nurses meet multiple responsibilities. Through the use of small group guided discussion, students begin building a skill set that shows knowledge of and appreciation for the roles of direct care provider, designer, manager and coordinator of care; and member of profession. Prerequisite: NURS 327, NURS 328, NURS 329, NURS 330, NURS 332, NURS 333, NURS 334, NURS 336, NURS 337, NURS 338, NURS 339, NURS 471, NURS 472, NURS 474, NURS 475, or consent of instructor. Corequisite: NURS 476, NURS 477, NURS 479, NURS 480, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

...NURS 476 Nursing in an Evolving Healthcare System 4 NURS 477 Capstone 3 NURS 478...