NURS 479. Population Based Healthcare. 3 Hours.

Concepts and theories related to improving health of entire populations are explored. Focus is placed on risk reduction, protective and predictive factors within the environments which influence the health of individuals, families, aggregates, and entire populations, including global communities. Considering the determinants of health, students will learn methods to facilitate collaboration to provide quality and safe health interventions for populations. Prerequisite: NURS 327, NURS 328, NURS 329, NURS 330, NURS 331, NURS 332, NURS 333, NURS 334, NURS 335, NURS 336, NURS 337, NURS 338, NURS 339, NURS 471, NURS 472, NURS 473, NURS 474, NURS 475, or consent of instructor. Corequisite: NURS 476, NURS 477, NURS 478, NURS 480, or consent of instructor. LEC.