Master of Occupational Therapy

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OTD 780. Practicum in Specialty Practice Area. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to support and correspond with OTD 770. Students will complete this course as they work in a clinical environment. They will meet with a faculty mentor to support the analysis and dissemination of their empirical information gathered during OTD 770. They will present their empirical literature findings to their professional colleagues via a clinical research forum. Students will be expected to create three forms of information dissemination and critically review the professional feedback they receive. PREREQUISITE: Permission of department. LAB.

OTDE 780. Interprofessional Education in Context III. 3 Hours.

This course includes interprofessional opportunities for students to apply professional reasoning through simulations, problem-based learning, service-learning, and fieldwork experiences. In this third and final semester of the course sequence, students will assume a leadership role in preparing for professional publications and presentations related to the medical, community, and educational contexts. Students will take the lead in conducting a needs analyses to identify strategies for professional communications to promote occupational therapy in their assigned context area. Students will complete a culminating project to present in this final semester. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all prior courses required by the OTDE curriculum. LAB.