Master of Occupational Therapy

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OTD 780. Practicum in Specialty Practice Area. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to support and correspond with OTD 770. Students will complete this course as they work in a clinical environment. They will meet with a faculty mentor to support the analysis and dissemination of their empirical information gathered during OTD 770. They will present their empirical literature findings to their professional colleagues via a clinical research forum. Students will be expected to create three forms of information dissemination and critically review the professional feedback they receive. PREREQUISITE: Permission of department. LAB.

OTDE 780. Assistive Technology to Enhance Occupational Performance and Participation. 2 Hours.

This course includes study about how assistive technology enhances or enables individuals across the lifespan to participate in meaningful daily activities. This course focuses on the evaluation, how to obtain devices, application, adaptation, and training and support for assistive technology used with a variety of populations. Students will learn the basics of assistive technology as well as explore how technology is being used innovatively in the occupational therapy process. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all prior courses required by the OTDE curriculum. LEC.