Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Post-Professional)

...efficacy of solution strategies by participating in OTD 835 Quantitative Research for Applied Science Explore...

OTD 835. Quantitative Research for Applied Science. 3 Hours.

Research relevant to therapeutic intervention comes from a variety of disciplines involving varied research designs and analysis strategies. Students in this course will examine selected research studies and gain skill in analyzing methods and results as well as in applying research findings to practical problems. Students will conduct a systematic review on a specific area of occupational therapy practice. LEC.

OTDE 835. Integration Seminar in Occupational Therapy - I. 1 Hour.

Students will apply the professional reasoning process to understand individuals' occupational performance and analyze services provided based on cases from level II fieldwork experiences. We will participate in small group discussion using a problem-based format to conduct case analysis and develop evidence-based intervention plans. Prerequisite: Practice-related content for entry-level professional program, addressing required accreditation standards. LEC.