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OTD 850 Teaching Practicum

OTD 850.  Teaching Practicum.  1-3 Credits.     

The purpose of this course is to provide practical learning whereby students receive individual mentorship for the development, implementation and evaluation of a teaching experience. Students will be responsible for developing the material, instructing students, grading assignments and evaluating the teaching experience. The teaching experience is expected to include at least 12 hours of face to face instruction (or the equivalent in on-line teaching or written materials). Teaching experiences can include MOT program lectures or labs, continuing education workshops, patient education programs, or staff inservices or another experience that meets the time and competency requirements. Prerequisite: A graduate level teaching methods course such as NSG 873, NSG 874, C & T 740, C& T 840

OTDE 850 Professionalism in Education

OTDE 850.  Professionalism in Education.  2 Credits.     

This course focuses on teaching and learning activities in a variety of contexts. This course builds on professional communication strategies introduced in previous Professionalism in Context I. Students will learn effective teaching strategies to communicate information to clients, families, and other professionals while gaining confidence as an entry-level occupational therapy practitioner. Students will gain experience in the development of scholarly presentations for health care professionals. Relationship development, the exchange of messages, conflict management, and a better understanding of the Self, will all contribute to the student's knowledge and understanding of the importance of effective communication in teaching. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all prior coursework required by the OTDE curriculum.