OTD 860. Theory and Practice in Occupational Therapy. 3 Hours.

This course will cover major theoretical frameworks and practice models in occupational therapy. The history of occupational therapy will be included to provide a basis for understanding the evolution of the profession as well as past and current issues and trends. Students will learn how to critically analyze theories, evaluate research evidence related to specific theories and practice models, and assess pragmatic issues in applying practice models to specific settings and populations. LEC.

OTDE 860. Research Dissemination in Occupational Therapy. 2 Hours.

Students integrate their prior research activities with the relevant literature to create and implement a dissemination plan for a community agency needing that information to advance the agency's mission and goals. Students will work with the people and groups supported by the agency. Products must be in the format most applicable to the people who will be receiving and using the information. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all prior coursework required by the OTDE curriculum. LAB.