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OTDE 740 Neuroscience Foundations to Support Occupational Performance

OTDE 740.  Neuroscience Foundations to Support Occupational Performance.  3 Credits.     

Principles of neuroscience will be interpreted in clinical application using a strength-based approach to advance understanding of nervous system function. The integration and function of neural systems will be considered in relation to specific challenges and capacity of the nervous system as a whole to support behavior. A practical application and problem-based perspective will be encouraged throughout the course, with students invited to consider consumer perspective and availability of potential supports. Students will consider human behavior and occupational performance in relation to development and to function/dysfunction of the nervous system, both in formulating potential behavioral signs when a specific neurological site is presented, and in hypothesizing about neurological involvement when given a client description. Prerequisite: Open to students enrolled in the entry-level OTD graduate program or those with permission from the OTEd department. Successful completion of all prior courses required by the OTDE curriculum.