OTDE 795. Research Discovery for Occupational Therapy. 2 Hours.

This is the first in a series of courses providing students with experience in evaluating and producing research evidence related to Occuaptional Therapy theory and practice. The OTDE 795 course introduces students to the process of understanding and appraising research as a platform for developing occupational therapy knowledge to guide practice. Beginning with student insight about OT practice and with input from both community practitioners and faculty, students develop questions aligned with practice needs, then explore existing literature and evidence. Students will collaboratively be introduced to the components of research and to ways in which research may be conducted. This course will review research ethics, the writing of research questions and hypotheses, sampling strategies, measurement and data collection, components of quantitative and qualitative research, and information about disseminating research. The course will culminate with groups of 2-4 students formulating submitting a written plan for faculty approval, describing a research project addressing a practice question. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all prior courses required by the OTDE curriculum. LEC.