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OTDE 845 Research Implementation and Dissemination in Occupational Therapy

OTDE 845.  Research Implementation and Dissemination in Occupational Therapy.  4 Credits.     

This course will emphasize the processes of conducting and disseminating a research study. Conducting a study includes activities such as subject recruiting, data management and analysis, and evaluating how findings may be used to guide practice. Disseminating research involves understanding how to frame the research based on stakeholder interests and could involve manuscript writing, professional presentations, or discussions with community agencies, families, or consumers. This course allows students to implement a research project based on research questions developed as part of the prior courses in the research sequence in this curriculum. Additionally, students will create a dissemination plan for a community agency wanting information to advance their mission. The goals are to produce an entry-level occupational therapist who is aware of the relation between good research and good practice, is capable of critical analysis of scientific and clinical research literatures, and who is aware of the need for problem identification, good research design and methodology, and the appropriate evaluation, interpretation, and presentation of research findings. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all prior coursework required by the OTDE curriculum.