P&TX 775. Chemistry of the Nervous System. 3 Hours.

A detailed study of the molecular aspects of nerve transmission will be covered with special emphasis on the uptake, storage, release, biosynthesis, and metabolism of specific neurotransmitters. Drugs affecting these processes and current research on receptor isolation and receptor mechanisms will be discussed from a chemical viewpoint. (Same as BIOL 775, CHEM 775, MDCM 775, NURO 775, and PHCH 775.) Prerequisite: BIOL 600 or equivalent. LEC.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology and Toxicology


...TX 805 Pharmacology Literature Review II 1 BIOL 841 Biometry I 5 P&TX 775...

Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences


...Hours Spring Hours P&TX 740 3 PHSL...Molecular Neurobiology 3 NURO 775 Chemistry of the...