P&TX 785. Research Proposal. 2 Hours.

To satisfy the research requirement for the on-line distance M.S. program in Pharmacology and Toxicology, the aspiring student must define a research project and prepare a written proposal describing the nature and goals of the project. It is suggested that the student in conjunction with their distance research mentor collaborate in the selection of and the definition of the proposed research. The proposal should be 4 pages (0.5 in margins, 11-12 point Arial, Times Roman or Calibri font) that states the overall goal of the project, the hypothesis to be tested, 2-3 specific aims, a statement of significance and impact of the research and research approach. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in the Distance M.S. Program in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and completion of PTX 750. RSH.

Master of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology


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Doctor of Pharmacy


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Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences


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