PAON 920. Introduction to Molecular Medicine. 2 Hours.

Introduction to Molecular Medicine is a two semester course for first year MD-PhD students taught by the Director of the MD-PhD Program, with other faculty from the basic science and clinical departments. Through lectures, small group discussion, evaluation of primary literature, and presentations/discussions with current KUMC faculty, students will be introduced to the process of investigating the molecular and cellular derangements that underlie human disease. Order of topics mirror, to some extent, the subjects of first-year modules. There will be particular emphasis on the diverse research methods and models systems used to investigate the molecular basis of disease and understanding how such investigations can be translated to answer clinically relevant questions. Students are evaluated by both group activity and individual preparation and participation. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the MD-PhD Program. LEC.

M.D.-Ph.D. Physician Scientist Training Program

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