PCS 550. Classics of Peace Literature. 3 Hours HL AE51/AE61 / H.

A study of influential proposals for world peace from Erasmus' The Complaint of Peace (1515) to the 1995 Hague Appeal for World Peace. Selected writings by such authors as Erasmus, Hugo Grotius, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, Henry Thoreau, Henri Dunant, Berthe von Suttner, Woodrow Wilson, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., are considered. (Same as EURS 550.) Prerequisite: HWC 204 or HWC 205. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities


...6 hours PCS upper division courses (2 out of 3): 6 PCS 550 Classics of...

Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies


...Geopolitics HIST 314 Globalization: History and Theory PCS 550 Classics of Peace Literature POLS 679...

BA in Humanities with concentration in Peace & Conflict Studies


...PCS upper division coursework chosen from the following are required: PCS 550 , PCS 555 , PCS...

Co-Major in European Studies


...IBUS 410 Introduction to International Business PCS/EURS 550 Classics of Peace Literature PHIL 560...