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PHIL 504. Philosophy of Sex and Love. 3 Hours H.

A discussion of philosophical issues such as the relation between love, autonomy, and friendship; heterosexual and homosexual relationships; marriage and adultery; rape and sexual harassment; prostitution; and pornography. LEC.

Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy

The Philosophy Department at the University of Kansas comprises 14 full-time faculty members and about 35 graduate students. The department fosters teaching and research that reflects a broad range of philosophical orientations and fields of philosophy. The department's chief strengths are in ethics, philosophy of science, and history of philosophy (ancient, modern, 19th century). The department is in Wescoe Hall, the main humanities building.

Bachelor of Arts in Slavic Languages and Literatures

...I. Satisfied by: PLSH 504 Advanced Polish I...1772 to the Present PHIL 580 Marxism (or...

Minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures

...of Eastern Europe SLAV 504 Introduction to East...1772 to the Present PHIL 580 Marxism (or...

Minor in Human Sexuality

...Human Sexuality WGSS/PSYC 502 Human Sexuality PHIL 504 Philosophy of Sex and Love WGSS...