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PHIL 605 The Philosophy of Plato

PHIL 605.  The Philosophy of Plato.  3 Credits.   H   

A survey of the major works of Plato, with attention both to Plato's distinctive arguments and positions in the major areas of philosophy and to the distinctive literary form in which Plato presents his thinking. Prerequisite: PHIL 384.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Philosophy

In philosophy we ask big, important questions.  While asking such questions is easy, answering them is difficult.  Because these questions are often abstract and vague, it is necessary to use precise reasoning and analysis to clarify what exactly it is we are asking.  Only then can we attempt to develop answers.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

...3 Philosophy PHIL 610 Metalogic 3 PHIL 611...6 MATH 526 & MATH 605 Applied Mathematical Statistics...

Accelerated Master of Arts in Classics

...major requirements), and PHIL 384 , PHIL 508 , PHIL 605 , PHIL 607 , PHIL 608 , HUM 380...

Doctor of Pharmacy

...150, THR 120, and PHIL 150) 3 General...PHPR 609 4 PHPR 605 4 20 16...