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PHIL 885. Topics in Law and Philosophy. 3 Hours.

Explores various topics at the intersection of law and philosophy. Content varies but may include: What is freedom and what role should government play in a free society? What is equality and what is the best way to achieve it? What is the relationship between law and social justice? What is the source and value of human rights? Should social and economic rights be legally guaranteed? How should government redress historical injustices such as slavery, apartheid, and the Holocaust? Students must complete a substantial seminar paper. LEC.

Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy

The Philosophy Department at the University of Kansas comprises 14 full-time faculty members and about 35 graduate students. The department fosters teaching and research that reflects a broad range of philosophical orientations and fields of philosophy. The department's chief strengths are in ethics, philosophy of science, and history of philosophy (ancient, modern, 19th century). The department is in Wescoe Hall, the main humanities building.