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PHPR 601 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience 1

PHPR 601.  Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience 1.  4 Credits.     

The final year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program is spent participating in pharmacy practice experience rotations. These consist of nine, one-month rotations, in various health care settings. Such practice settings may include a variety of acute care, ambulatory care, managed care, hospital and community practice sites. Each rotation provides an academically structured environment that enables the student to gain practical experience under the guidance of a practicing health care professional. The purpose of providing pharmacy students with a pharmacist role model is to foster the development of both professional confidence as well as competence. These practice-based experience settings encourage the student to apply their didactic education to clinical problem solving. Both clinical and distributive pharmacy services will be integrated in these experiences for optimal learning. This course is graded using an "Excellent", "Satisfactory", or "Unsatisfactory" grading basis.

Doctor of Pharmacy

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