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PHPR 670 Clinical Assessment

PHPR 670.  Clinical Assessment.  2 Credits.     

This laboratory course will allow students to develop clinical assessment skills necessary in the provision of pharmaceutical care to patients with a variety of disease states. Students will combine physical assessment skills, patient counseling skills, and pharmacotherapy knowledge and apply this information to patient care related activities in various clinical settings. Students will apply their skills using various practice models that include medication therapy management, collaborative drug therapy management, and interprofessional healthcare teams. The lab component will require students to meet between 1:00 to 5:00 PM on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesdays. In addition, there is a required Thursday discussion section. A detailed schedule of lab meeting dates and times will be provided in the syllabus. Prerequisite: Students must be admitted to the School of Pharmacy to enroll in this class. Students must pass PHPR 664 to be eligible to complete PHPR 670.

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