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PHSX 621 Mechanics II

PHSX 621.  Mechanics II.  3 Credits.   N   

Continuation of PHSX 521. Lagrange's equations and generalized coordinates. Mechanics of continuous media. Tensor algebra and rotation of a rigid body. Special relativity and relativistic dynamics. (Same as EPHX 621.) Prerequisite: EPHX 521 or PHSX 521.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Our goal is to understand the physical universe. The questions addressed by our department’s research and education missions range from the applied, such as an improved understanding of the materials that can be used for solar cell energy production, to foundational questions about the nature of mass and space and how the Universe was formed and subsequently evolved, and how astrophysical phenomena affected the Earth and its evolution. We study the properties of systems ranging in size from smaller than an atom to larger than a galaxy on timescales ranging from billionths of a second to the age of the universe. Our courses and laboratory/research experiences help students hone their problem solving and analytical skills and thereby become broadly trained critical thinkers. While about half of our majors move on to graduate studies in STEM, many find employment in the private sector in diverse careers ranging from financial analysts to physicians. Graduates of all our degree programs can be found in key positions regionally, nationally, and internationally.  In this way, our department is at the forefront of telling the academic story of the University of Kansas to people around the state and around the world.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

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Doctor of Pharmacy

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