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PIAN 310. Advanced Keyboard Skills. 2 Hours.

The development of functional keyboard skills in sight reading, transposition, harmonization, improvisation, score reading, and playing by ear. Prerequisite: MTHC 115 or permission of instructor. IND.

Bachelor of Music in Music Performance: Piano

A total of 120 credit hours is required and is designed to further the student's knowledge, practice, and experience of piano. To graduate, a student must earn a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 in all major courses and a minimum average of 2.0 in all course work. Students will be studying with faculty members who are nationally and internationally recognized.  Courses in music theory and musicology are part of the exploration of music as are private instruction, ensemble and chamber music opportunities.  All students pursuing the B.M. degree will perform a senior recital on their primary instrument/voice.  In addition, performance majors will also complete a junior recital and music composition majors will also give a music composition recital. With this degree, students can go on to pursue graduate studies in music, establish private studios, audition for music ensembles, or create their own paths in music or music-related endeavors. 

Music Education B.M.E. Program

...take only PIAN 310 . 2-5 PIAN 148 Elementary Keyboard Skills II PIAN 284 Intermediate...

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

...with appreciable prior piano experience should take PIAN 310 after completing 2 semesters of music...

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre-Voice Program

...Acting Instrument 3 THR 310 Musical Performance for...Piano (proficiency level of PIAN 284 ) 3 COND...