PIAN 310. Advanced Keyboard Skills. 2 Hours.

The development of functional keyboard skills in sight reading, transposition, harmonization, improvisation, score reading, and playing by ear. Prerequisite: MTHC 115 or permission of instructor. IND.

Music Education B.M.E. Program


...take only PIAN 310 . 2-5 PIAN 148 Elementary Keyboard Skills II PIAN 284 Intermediate...

Bachelor of Music in Music Performance: Piano


...and senior recitals 25 PIAN 310 Advanced Keyboard Skills 2 PIAN 229 /429: 6 semesters...

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy


...with appreciable prior piano experience should take PIAN 310 after completing 2 semesters of music...

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre-Voice Program


...Acting Instrument 3 THR 310 Musical Performance for...Piano (proficiency level of PIAN 284 ) 3 COND...