POLS 125. Introduction to Intelligence and Statecraft. 3 Hours S.

This course examines the evolution of the U.S. Intelligence Community and how it is adapting to new international security challenges. The course discusses the historical background of U.S. intelligence and how political ideology, domestic policies, technology, and the threat have shaped today's U.S. Intelligence Community. The course provides an overview of the roles, missions, and structure of the U.S. Intelligence Community and how the various components support national security decision makers. The course also provides an overview of diplomacy and intelligence as tools of statecraft. Course looks at foreign intelligence services, their targets, and operational successes and failures. Finally, the course addresses emerging national security issues potentially shaping future U.S. intelligence operations. On completion of the course, students will have an in-depth understanding of the U.S. Intelligence community, how it supports national security decision makers, and how it can influence policy development. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Education


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